Shell & First Stories

Here is a preview of our latest design:

In the photo, we are discussing the listening system with a member of AU’s NAACP chapter.  On the right is Maria Beltran, our point person with the Graduate Leadership Council on campus.  Here is a close-up, which features “SHARE YOUR STORY” written on one side and “AU VOICES: LISTEN” on the other:

The event on March 23rd (see invitation) was a great opportunity to preview our first major audio story, “campus climate after the 2016 election.”  We had food and drink thanks to the sponsorship from the GLC. A fortunate coincidence was that the NAACP student group was meeting next door. The event was a chance to observe the operational features of the system – what worked well, what was missing, and what could be altered to improve the experience next time?

Making the enclosure involved paint, spray-on chalkboard, and some Home Depot trips, as documented here, in a garage:


Our team was pretty happy with the trial run, and we look forward to the next event – stay tuned!

(Pictured from right to left: Mina Kato, Samantha Dols, Maria Beltran, Patricia Torres, Prof. Stokes; see also full team.)

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