Frequently asked Questions

Q: Is there a maximum/minimum length that my recording must be? A: No, there is not a maximum or minimum length for sharing. However, we find that it takes a few minutes for the conversation to flow.

Q: Can I record an interview in a language other than English? A: Yes, you can record your interview in any language you choose.

Q: Can multiple people participate in one recording?  A: Yes, just make sure that everyone agrees to have their story saved.

Q: Do I have to share my story? A: No. And if at any time, after you have shared a story, you would like it removed, just email us on the contact us page.

Q: Are all the interviews archived, and if so, where? A: By default, all stories are archived and will be stored at the AU Library, in the oral history collection.

Q: Are there different privacy options? For example, can I choose to share my audio only with my contacts, no one else? A: Currently, there is not a way to share your interview with a select set of people.

Q: I changed my mind after I published my interview and I don’t want it to be public. Can I delete it? A: Probably, but you will have to contact us and we will check with the library.  The exact process is still being determined.

Q: What if a crime or hate speech is reported? A: We report any hate speech to student services.